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In Love

This B&W series emphasize the soulful, loving connection that the couples shared. Removing color untethers the photographs from the realistic view we are accustomed to. It draws our attention to a smaller set of expressive elements and details.


I requested that the newlyweds keep their attention on each other, and asked them a variety of questions while photographing their responses. Can you guess what questions I asked? Please leave your thoughts here on the blog.


Approaching portraiture in that way enabled me to capture the couples interacting naturally rather than posing for the camera.


When I was asked, "what should we do?" my replies included, "Get closer", "Look at each other", "Switch sides"...

_MG_6321-Edit-2_MG_6321-Edit-2 _MG_6568-Edit_MG_6568-Edit _MG_6714-Edit_MG_6714-Edit

_MG_6105-Edit_MG_6105-Edit _MG_6049-Edit_MG_6049-Edit _MG_7834-Edit_MG_7834-Edit _MG_5933-Edit_MG_5933-Edit _MG_5834-Edit_MG_5834-Edit _MG_5739-Edit_MG_5739-Edit _MG_0627-Edit_MG_0627-Edit _MG_5052-Edit_MG_5052-Edit _MG_4468-Edit_MG_4468-Edit _MG_4290-Edit_MG_4290-Edit _MG_4184-Edit_MG_4184-Edit _MG_4035-Edit_MG_4035-Edit _MG_3733-Edit_MG_3733-Edit _MG_0032-Edit_MG_0032-Edit _MG_3626-Edit_MG_3626-Edit IMG_3432-EditIMG_3432-Edit IMG_3350-Edit-EditIMG_3350-Edit-Edit IMG_3294-EditIMG_3294-Edit IMG_3229-EditIMG_3229-Edit IMG_3013-EditIMG_3013-Edit IMG_3096-EditIMG_3096-Edit IMG_3145-EditIMG_3145-Edit IMG_2839-EditIMG_2839-Edit IMG_2812-EditIMG_2812-Edit IMG_2756-EditIMG_2756-Edit IMG_2716-EditIMG_2716-Edit IMG_2631-Edit-2IMG_2631-Edit-2 IMG_2575-EditIMG_2575-Edit IMG_2401-EditIMG_2401-Edit IMG_2476-EditIMG_2476-Edit IMG_2516-EditIMG_2516-Edit IMG_2313-EditIMG_2313-Edit IMG_0948-EditIMG_0948-Edit IMG_0242-EditIMG_0242-Edit IMG_0186-EditIMG_0186-Edit IMG_0035-EditIMG_0035-Edit IMG_9983-EditIMG_9983-Edit IMG_9740-EditIMG_9740-Edit IMG_9793-EditIMG_9793-Edit IMG_9879-EditIMG_9879-Edit IMG_1733-EditIMG_1733-Edit _MG_6206-Edit_MG_6206-Edit _MG_6885-Edit_MG_6885-Edit _MG_7747-Edit_MG_7747-Edit _MG_7604-Edit_MG_7604-Edit _MG_7485-Edit-Edit_MG_7485-Edit-Edit _MG_7952-Edit_MG_7952-Edit _MG_8011-Edit_MG_8011-Edit _MG_8155-Edit_MG_8155-Edit

"Just Married" at Chicago Marriage Court, "Turned Around"

This installment emphasizes the body language and aesthetics of the couples with minimal if any focus on the face. I asked the couples to hold hands and turn towards the wall.


We rarely see photographs of people turned around because we are habituated to look at the face and eyes to connect and communicate with others when we meet. I believe that when the face is not the focus, we are freer to simply look at the aesthetics of the couple and how they fit together noticing other details that might be passed by when they are facing us. It is not meant to be unflattering or irreverent, it's simply a rare view and another way of experiencing the couples, like sculptures.


Do you prefer seeing faces and expression? Do you reflect differently on what you are seeing when there aren't any faces to see?  Does the lack of facial expression emphasize a different set of elements to consider? Please take a little time to leave comments here on the blog, I'd love to know your thoughts. _MG_9153_MG_9153 IMG_9407IMG_9407 IMG_9537IMG_9537 IMG_9640IMG_9640 IMG_9785IMG_9785 IMG_9843IMG_9843 IMG_9919IMG_9919 IMG_0026IMG_0026 IMG_0084IMG_0084 IMG_0213IMG_0213 IMG_0275IMG_0275 IMG_0344IMG_0344 IMG_0457IMG_0457

IMG_3208IMG_3208 IMG_0518IMG_0518 IMG_0624IMG_0624 IMG_0803IMG_0803 IMG_0933IMG_0933 IMG_1071IMG_1071 IMG_1004IMG_1004 IMG_1096IMG_1096

_MG_7343_MG_7343 IMG_1169IMG_1169 IMG_1295IMG_1295 IMG_1358IMG_1358 IMG_1432IMG_1432 IMG_1547IMG_1547 IMG_1798IMG_1798 IMG_2034IMG_2034 IMG_2125IMG_2125 IMG_2223IMG_2223 IMG_2297IMG_2297 IMG_2373IMG_2373 _MG_6062_MG_6062 _MG_5965_MG_5965 _MG_5868_MG_5868 _MG_5778_MG_5778 _MG_5673_MG_5673 _MG_6133_MG_6133 _MG_5566_MG_5566 _MG_5467_MG_5467 _MG_5374_MG_5374 _MG_5261_MG_5261 _MG_4596_MG_4596

Turned AroundTurned Around _MG_4479_MG_4479 _MG_4411_MG_4411 _MG_4321_MG_4321 _MG_0387_MG_0387 _MG_0259_MG_0259 _MG_4229_MG_4229 _MG_4076_MG_4076 _MG_3958_MG_3958 _MG_3766_MG_3766 _MG_0082_MG_0082 IMG_3456-EditIMG_3456-Edit

_MG_6502_MG_6502 IMG_3047IMG_3047 IMG_2896IMG_2896 IMG_2829IMG_2829

_MG_7903_MG_7903 IMG_2727IMG_2727 IMG_2680IMG_2680 IMG_2623IMG_2623 IMG_2562IMG_2562 _MG_7081_MG_7081 IMG_2507IMG_2507 _MG_6926_MG_6926 _MG_0932_MG_0932 _MG_6827_MG_6827 _MG_6665_MG_6665

The Kiss, "Just Married" at Chicago Marriage Court

These kisses occurred in the midst of photographing and weren't encouraged or suggested. While I have many views of each couple, there are very few where they kissed and some couples didn't kiss while I was photographing. Very understandable given the intimate nature of kissing. There were always people behind me, much commotion and sometimes antics from the ever changing throng of people walking by. When asked "What should we do", my answer was always, "Get closer".


_MG_0042_print_MG_0042_print _MG_5716_print_MG_5716_print IMG_2932_printIMG_2932_print _MG_4293_print_MG_4293_print

                    "The Bride of Frankenstein" is written on her t-shirt.


_MG_3760_print_MG_3760_print _MG_4352_print_MG_4352_print _MG_8165_print_MG_8165_print _MG_6844_print_MG_6844_print _MG_3972_print_MG_3972_print





_MG_3679_print_MG_3679_print IMG_3333_printIMG_3333_print IMG_2806_printIMG_2806_print IMG_2710-Edit_printIMG_2710-Edit_print _MG_7767_print_MG_7767_print _MG_6995_print_MG_6995_print _MG_6928_print_MG_6928_print

_MG_4103_print_MG_4103_print IMG_2408_printIMG_2408_print IMG_2331_printIMG_2331_print IMG_2013_printIMG_2013_print IMG_1759_printIMG_1759_print IMG_1392_printIMG_1392_print IMG_1255_printIMG_1255_print IMG_1152_printIMG_1152_print IMG_1085-Edit_printIMG_1085-Edit_print _MG_6110_print_MG_6110_print _MG_6036_print_MG_6036_print _MG_5874_print_MG_5874_print _MG_5573_print_MG_5573_print _MG_5395_print_MG_5395_print _MG_5276_print_MG_5276_print _MG_5041_print_MG_5041_print _MG_4205_print_MG_4205_print

Holding Hands series from "Just Married" at Chicago Marriage Court

If you have been visiting my blog you've seen some of these couples already. In this series I asked each couple to stand and hold hands, suggested they communicate non-verbally and asked them questions while I photographed them. The couples looked the most natural in the first or second exposure. After comparing the early shots to those following in almost every instance the early shots were better. By "better" I mean that the photographs revealed something about who they are in a very direct, simple and unintentional way. As time passed the couples had more time to be aware of being photographed and to consider how to present themselves. We are all faced to some extent with the same issues when a camera is pointed at us. When we look into the camera it can quickly change what we choose to reveal or withhold about ourselves. 

This project was meant to be seen in its entirety and to present the fascinating elements, expressions, aesthetics and ways of being that couples share. The body language, attire, and little details, all come together to show us something ineffable about attraction and love.

Share your impressions, I'd love to know what you think.



_MG_5851_print_MG_5851_print _MG_6051_print_MG_6051_print

_MG_7850-Edit_print_MG_7850-Edit_print _MG_7193-Edit_print_MG_7193-Edit_print IMG_1792_printIMG_1792_print






_MG_6808_print_MG_6808_print _MG_9634_print_MG_9634_print



IMG_2017IMG_2017 IMG_1524IMG_1524 _MG_7627_print_MG_7627_print _MG_7770_print_MG_7770_print _MG_7973-Edit_print_MG_7973-Edit_print _MG_8173-Edit_print_MG_8173-Edit_print IMG_2663_printIMG_2663_print

_MG_6274_print_MG_6274_print _MG_6484_print_MG_6484_print _MG_6649_print_MG_6649_print _MG_0993_print_MG_0993_print _MG_1074_print_MG_1074_print _MG_7062_print_MG_7062_print IMG_2823_printIMG_2823_print IMG_3316_printIMG_3316_print

Standing up at Chicago Marriage Court


IMG_2620_2014IMG_2620_2014 _MG_6251_MG_6251

This post is the fourth in a series of portraits I created at the Chicago Marriage Court. All the couples were photographed shortly after getting married in a waiting area steps away from the court office. I asked the couples to react and communicate non-verbally to statements such as, "Think back to when you first met", "Think of something unexpected that happened on your first date", "Think about something you don't agree on", etc.

I'd love to know your impressions. Feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for visiting!


  IMG_2043-EditIMG_2043-Edit _MG_6359_MG_6359

IMG_3381_2014IMG_3381_2014 IMG_2720_2014IMG_2720_2014 IMG_3027-Edit_2014IMG_3027-Edit_2014 IMG_2892_2014IMG_2892_2014 IMG_3441_2014IMG_3441_2014 _MG_5550_2014_MG_5550_2014 _MG_0071-Edit_2014_MG_0071-Edit_2014 _MG_3851_2014_MG_3851_2014 _MG_4050_2014_MG_4050_2014 _MG_5447_MG_5447 _MG_0246-Edit_2014_MG_0246-Edit_2014

Family series, "Just Married" at Chicago Marriage Court

_MG_5587-Edit_MG_5587-Edit I took the opportunity to photograph couples with other family members when time allowed. I waited a short time to see how they arranged themselves and my only direction was usually for all of them to move in closer. I wanted to retain what they did naturally without much intervention. The families were always photographed at the very end of our time. There were many people milling about behind me much of the time which resulted in the couples and family members being distracted by those that were fooling around, making them laugh and shouting out all sorts of things. It was all part of the experience and I didn't ask them to look into the camera or to focus on me. They always eventually came back to paying attention to each other or looking at me.



_MG_4628-Edit_MG_4628-Edit IMG_2345IMG_2345

IMG_1118IMG_1118 IMG_3490-EditIMG_3490-Edit IMG_3062-EditIMG_3062-Edit _MG_6526_MG_6526 _MG_6956_MG_6956 _MG_7996_MG_7996 _MG_8098_MG_8098 IMG_0198IMG_0198

Next Series in the Chicago Marriage Court project


I couldn't imagine what couples would do, but I wanted to see and feel who they were with as little intervention by me as possible. I had about 25 minutes with each couple if I photographed their wedding ceremony and afterwords. It was fascinating to work with so many people in such a short space of time. Many of the couples, over the course of photographing them, got more comfortable which allowed for some of the heartfelt and beautiful choices they made with each other. I respect and appreciate the art of posing and utilize it on many occasions but it's an entirely different approach to photographing people.

All the photographs in this series were taken toward the end of my time with them and after the marriage ceremony when I asked them to take a few minutes to do whatever they would like. Some chose to present themselves directly to the camera others didn't...Do you prefer one approach over the other? If so, why?





_MG_6843-Edit_MG_6843-Edit _MG_9162_MG_9162 _MG_5687_MG_5687


_MG_5881_MG_5881 _MG_7581_MG_7581 _MG_6688_MG_6688

_MG_4406_MG_4406 IMG_2550IMG_2550


_MG_4184_MG_4184 _MG_7087_MG_7087 IMG_0287IMG_0287



IMG_0354IMG_0354 IMG_0445IMG_0445 IMG_0779IMG_0779 IMG_1088IMG_1088 IMG_1348IMG_1348 IMG_1426IMG_1426 IMG_1811IMG_1811 IMG_1933IMG_1933 IMG_2016IMG_2016 IMG_2243IMG_2243 IMG_2360IMG_2360 IMG_0080IMG_0080


After the wedding ceremony at Chicago Marriage Court


I photographed more than 100 couples at the Chicago Marriage Court. I wanted the photographs to tell stories about their relationship to each other and reveal something of their nature and spirit.

Instead of posing the couples I suggested they place their attention on each other while I asked them questions and photographed them as they reacted. I asked them to not talk (much...) and try to communicate with their eyes and how they held each other.

The first series of photographs were taken in the waiting area just outside the court rooms and during the marriage ceremonies. I've introduced the project in Black and White for the first series then shifted to color. The photographs in this series were created in an adjacent area to Chicago Marriage Court where I photographed all of the couples with some surprising and wonderful results. I'll be adding photographs regularly, so drop by for a visit.

Thanks for taking the time see what I've been up to.



IMG_2592IMG_2592 IMG_9742IMG_9742 IMG_9592IMG_9592 IMG_1144IMG_1144 IMG_1040IMG_1040 IMG_1242-EditIMG_1242-Edit IMG_3009-EditIMG_3009-Edit IMG_3148-EditIMG_3148-Edit _MG_7469_MG_7469 IMG_1400IMG_1400 IMG_1085IMG_1085 IMG_0948IMG_0948

IMG_0872IMG_0872 IMG_0042IMG_0042 IMG_0181IMG_0181 IMG_9997-Edit-2IMG_9997-Edit-2 IMG_9398IMG_9398 IMG_9318IMG_9318 IMG_0219IMG_0219 IMG_9592IMG_9592 IMG_1972-EditIMG_1972-Edit

Just Married at Chicago Marriage Court

This is the first couple I photographed. I wanted to photograph couples in a way that would reveal a part of their story with as little intervention by me as possible. Being in front of the couples with a camera can put me at a deficit because people have a natural inclination to present themselves. I was looking for a more natural, less intentional reaction. I developed a series of questions that I asked the couples while suggesting they place their attention on each other. I refined my approach over the course of the project. 

I've introduced the project in Black & White to focus on the similarities shared among all the participants and to focus on their expressions and the feelings they share. The following posts will be in color and I made that choice to convey more information and see the differences among them.  IMG_0094IMG_0094 IMG_9687-EditIMG_9687-Edit IMG_9936-EditIMG_9936-Edit IMG_0125-EditIMG_0125-Edit IMG_1712-EditIMG_1712-Edit IMG_9961IMG_9961 IMG_2134IMG_2134 IMG_1871IMG_1871 _MG_9205_MG_9205 _MG_0697-Edit_MG_0697-Edit _MG_0579_MG_0579 _MG_0125_MG_0125 _MG_0627_MG_0627 _MG_0140-Edit_MG_0140-Edit