"Just Married" at Chicago Marriage Court, "Turned Around"

February 28, 2015  •  5 Comments

This installment emphasizes the body language and aesthetics of the couples with minimal if any focus on the face. I asked the couples to hold hands and turn towards the wall.


We rarely see photographs of people turned around because we are habituated to look at the face and eyes to connect and communicate with others when we meet. I believe that when the face is not the focus, we are freer to simply look at the aesthetics of the couple and how they fit together noticing other details that might be passed by when they are facing us. It is not meant to be unflattering or irreverent, it's simply a rare view and another way of experiencing the couples, like sculptures.


Do you prefer seeing faces and expression? Do you reflect differently on what you are seeing when there aren't any faces to see?  Does the lack of facial expression emphasize a different set of elements to consider? Please take a little time to leave comments here on the blog, I'd love to know your thoughts. _MG_9153_MG_9153 IMG_9407IMG_9407 IMG_9537IMG_9537 IMG_9640IMG_9640 IMG_9785IMG_9785 IMG_9843IMG_9843 IMG_9919IMG_9919 IMG_0026IMG_0026 IMG_0084IMG_0084 IMG_0213IMG_0213 IMG_0275IMG_0275 IMG_0344IMG_0344 IMG_0457IMG_0457

IMG_3208IMG_3208 IMG_0518IMG_0518 IMG_0624IMG_0624 IMG_0803IMG_0803 IMG_0933IMG_0933 IMG_1071IMG_1071 IMG_1004IMG_1004 IMG_1096IMG_1096

_MG_7343_MG_7343 IMG_1169IMG_1169 IMG_1295IMG_1295 IMG_1358IMG_1358 IMG_1432IMG_1432 IMG_1547IMG_1547 IMG_1798IMG_1798 IMG_2034IMG_2034 IMG_2125IMG_2125 IMG_2223IMG_2223 IMG_2297IMG_2297 IMG_2373IMG_2373 _MG_6062_MG_6062 _MG_5965_MG_5965 _MG_5868_MG_5868 _MG_5778_MG_5778 _MG_5673_MG_5673 _MG_6133_MG_6133 _MG_5566_MG_5566 _MG_5467_MG_5467 _MG_5374_MG_5374 _MG_5261_MG_5261 _MG_4596_MG_4596

Turned AroundTurned Around _MG_4479_MG_4479 _MG_4411_MG_4411 _MG_4321_MG_4321 _MG_0387_MG_0387 _MG_0259_MG_0259 _MG_4229_MG_4229 _MG_4076_MG_4076 _MG_3958_MG_3958 _MG_3766_MG_3766 _MG_0082_MG_0082 IMG_3456-EditIMG_3456-Edit

_MG_6502_MG_6502 IMG_3047IMG_3047 IMG_2896IMG_2896 IMG_2829IMG_2829

_MG_7903_MG_7903 IMG_2727IMG_2727 IMG_2680IMG_2680 IMG_2623IMG_2623 IMG_2562IMG_2562 _MG_7081_MG_7081 IMG_2507IMG_2507 _MG_6926_MG_6926 _MG_0932_MG_0932 _MG_6827_MG_6827 _MG_6665_MG_6665


Gary Ashman(non-registered)
Amazing that one can view photos for an entire life and yet be surprised and intrigued by an absolutely unique perspective. Thanks, Marc.
Barbara Harrison(non-registered)
I found this view of the couples fascinating - the positioning of their bodies, the closeness or distance between them. It definitely presents a new way of visually interacting with them. I enjoyed being able to get a better look at their apparel and shoes and imagine more about who they are and why they chose what they did for that particular moment. Also, why did they agree to participate in this "experiment?"

Thanks Marc.
rahul roy(non-registered)
What a wonderful, refreshing look - in both views, you've beautifully turned what tend to be posed snapshots of a very public moment into small, tender touches of intimacy. Love the way we see the same people differently from one view to the other. And very interesting that one can see the care in which most people have chosen their clothes so much more clearly in "turnaround." Terrific collection, all around.
Michael Horvich(non-registered)
Interesting. In many of the "Turned Around" photographs you can still see the love. In many of them it could be anything other than their wedding date, another kind of day!
I like both views of this project. In a way, emblematic of the marriage itself (front view married to back view). Thanks for posting. A fun project with many great images.
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